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We Call Your Leads Australia: Our ProfessionalLeads Calling Service Will Produce Excited Phone Interviewed Leads For You.
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5 Leads Per Week

Plus we send you a full report

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$20 One Time Set Up

20 Leads Per Week 

Plus we send you a full report

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$20 One Time Set Up

10 Leads Per Week

Plus we send you a full report

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$20 One Time Set Up

The First Call to a MLM Lead is the Hardest

Not only is it the hardest, it's the riskiest call and causes more people to quit the MLM business than anything else.

Many people who join an MLM business opportunity do not have experience making phone calls for a living.

Good upline sponsors aim to protect their new people by warning them about their families. Sort of like giving them armor to deaden the blow of rejection and hurt they are going to feel when they tell these folks about their new plan to become rich.

So why don't we provide the same warnings and protection when they start calling bought MLM Leads?

When they join, they are excited and ready to share the opportunity with the rest of the world.

They quit your business because of the first phone call to leads.

When people make calls to leads, they screw it up. It's only natural and to be expected

The result is inevitable. The leads will be rude, crude and very critical.

This causes your new teammate to suffer terrible rejection and now they have developed fear of the phone.

Despite what you say or do with them now, they are not going to undergo that horrid experience again.

Now you will notice they do not return your calls so quick, they attend less functions, they go off auto-ship and after that they fade away and disappear.

The damage is done, it's all far too late now.

"Hi Don Thanks for taking the time to explain how the we call your leads service works. I wasn’t aware of it before a friend told me about it. So happy I signed up. I got 4 leads from you guys in the first campaign and they have all seen the presentation."

Byron May, Sydney, Australia

Don't subject yourself or your people to this risk. Let our trained, professional call agents make the first call to your leads so you don't have to. We make the hard first call, you make the soft easy second call

The prospect is going to be expecting your call, they will want to hear what you say and most likely will be interested enough to go through your presentation.

Imagine how much more pleasant and easy this call is compared to a hard first call. That's why we refer to it as a soft second call.

After our callers have completed interviewing a positive, interested lead we will email you or your team member the leads contact details immediately.

"Too easy! Calling your real time interested leads is a nice change and excellent value."

Ross Cartwright, West End, Queensland, Australia

This is when the lead should be called. The interview is fresh in their minds and they are expecting your call.

How does that sound? Much nicer I'm sure

This is a lot easier for your team members to deal with. Fewer rejection, no more rudeness, no more criticism and ego deflating comments. Nothing to scare your team member into quitting the business.

Let's start right now by selecting which package suits you best

Our Professional MLM Lead Calling Service Gives You Real Business Growth When We Call Your Leads You Save Time 

No Rejection, No Phone Fear, No Wrong Numbers.

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