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Think about this. Do you want to get your freedom, your dream lifestyle….at a snails pace or at rocket speed?

Boost Your Business

Fast is best!

I’m going to share with you something which is only for true business builders. People who want to achieve their dreams.

Grown businesses fast

Yes, there is work to do, this is not a "push button" get rich quick scheme.  

If that is what you want, we don't have anything for you.

Rolling on...

Remember the fact that 97% of people in MLM fail? Let's look at a break down of the 100%

97% fail and here are the main reasons why they fail/quit. The reasons listed below are not in any particular order.

Reason 1 - Not Teachable - Many new people refuse to do what it takes. They don't read books. Don’t counsel upline. Don’t practice making calls, presentations and recruiting.

They often claim they do not to need to learn these skills. Soon as I hear that, I groan inside.

97% fail

Their refusal to learn soon leads to not being able to recruit many people. Not being able to teach their downline and not being able to hold a group together.

To be a success at anything requires developing skills, training and gaining experience.

To illustrate how important training is, here is a story for you

Imagine you’re boarding a plane to go on a nice relaxing vacation someplace nice.

You struggle through the aisle with your carry on. You grumble about the slow guy trying to stuff an over-sized bag into the overhead locker.

All you want to do is get to your seat.

After what seems like a lifetime you reach your seat and stow your bag. You flop down exhausted from all the hoops you’ve had to jump through at the airport.

Finally you’re all settled in and luckily you got a window seat. You’re beginning to relax as the plane pushes back

The pilot comes on the speaker to welcome everyone on-board. He sounds nice and very excited. He announces that today is his first day flying any sort of plane. He says, not to worry about that because he has played tons of flight simulator games. He's very excited to give a real plane a go right now!

How do you feel now about training now?

Burning wreck faster than a speeding rocket

It’s no different for Network Marketing. Granted building a MLM without training is not life threatening. But it is still going to result in a crashing, burning wreck faster than a speeding rocket


Reason 2 - Not Using a Proven Phone Script. Often I hear from clients who do not even use a script! That's a sure way to fail.

Leads are people and people tell little white lies when they do not want to hurt someone's feelings.

Nobody wants to hurt someone else’s feelings. After a few calls if the leads are telling you excuses to get you off the phone, then you are doing it wrong.

Leads contacted in a professional manner, with a proven script will listen to what you are saying to them.

Another thing, while we are on scripts. Don’t use a script that is being used by millions of networkers. Right off the bat you are telegraphing that you’re a networker.

The prospects have heard these scripts before and will see you as a nuisance and end the call.

You don't want that!

Work with your upline and write a script that is original or use the same one they are using. Make sure you stay with them while they make some calls using the script they recommend.

That will show to you how to deliver the script in a way that works.

You DO want that!

When I say “upline” I mean find someone upline who is tearing up the business. Getting awards. Moving higher. Making a ton of money.

I don’t mean the guy who has been in the biz a week longer than you.

Test the script on 50 calls and make tweaks to it until you have a real winner. Don’t worry, as a client of We Call Your Leads we will give you some winning scripts.  

Reason 3 - Not Using The Tools

These days there are a ton of tools available. The tools make growing a Network Marketing business faster and easier.  

Not Using The Tools Available

Tools make jobs or work faster and easier. The image is a hammer removing a nail. A perfect example of a tool at work. You put in a little effort and get a big result out.

That’s how all tools should work.

Thirty years ago there was nothing compared to now. Let’s take a quick look of the tools available to you right now to grow your business at rocket speed.

Buying Leads - Yes leads are a tool.  They save you the time and money of prospecting or generating leads yourself.

Bought leads are not the very best in the world. Leads you prospect yourself are the best. But approached right they are an excellent return on investment.

Leads can be very good and they can be terrible, depending on which leads you by and from whom.

To assist you with knowing more about leads I condensed my years of experience down into a free PDF. Get it here. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leads  (A new page will open).

The book contains all the good oil on leads. Also, things to look for in a good leads company and how to spot those to avoid.

Generating Your Own Leads - It’s a simple process to generate your own leads. You can rent a lead capture page and funnel. I say simple, because the process is simple, but it’s not easy.

There is a learning curve. But if you want to go that route, then you could give ClickFunnels a shot, ​they have the very best funnel system.

Prospecting - This seems to be a lost art these days. I put it in here because it’s a skill and should needs to deployed at all times by serious networkers.  

To start prospecting, you should have an “elevator pitch”.  It has to be ready to roll off your tongue every time someone asks about what you do.  

Here’s why and how you should have a well practised elevator pitch

When I got started in MLM with Amway, way back in 1992, the only way we could grow a business was to prospect people.

I wrote a step by step course on how to prospect and many other cool things. This is truly a great skill and tool to own  

Big Tip:  Do not buy the course from that link. I have a surprise about that for you later.

Bulk Contacting Tools - Phone Dialers, SMS Texting, Ringless Voicemail Drops.

Are you up to speed on all the very easy ways to contact leads by the hundreds or even thousands? Do it right and they will be calling you, in a good way. Do it wrong and they will call you in a bad way.

You can check out how to do it in the right way here with my course which covers both Ringless VM Drops and SMS Texting

Email Autoresponders - These systems have been around for many years now. They are indispensable. If you want to grow an emailing list of prospects you need an autoresponder service.

There are a few main players in this field and they are all good. Aweber was my choice for over 13 years and they are excellent. 

You can get a free 30 days with this link

Websites, Video Presentations - Yes I know you already have these with your company. Most MLM companies have TERRIBLE landing pages.

This is because they are good at manufacturing products, not marketing. Check the one they gave you. If it’s not good, do not use it to send people to.

If it good then sure, send people to it.

Sending people to websites is "Traffic". The only reliable and scalable way to get traffic is to pay for it.

The most common companies to buy traffic from are Google Adwords and Facebook.

The problem with buying their traffic is it's a crowded space. It’s expensive and it has a very steep learning curve.

But still, it is a tool that a great many people use and make a lot of money from.

Outsourcing - With the coming of the internet age outsourcing became a thing. It’s easy to do and done right it can be the smartest thing you ever did. Having a VA (Virtual Assistant) doing calls for you is a great idea.

We have some clients who use WCYL (we call your leads) and we send the leads to their VA in the Philippines. The VA makes the call to the leads and warms them up even more for her boss.

I’ve been using the same Outsourcing company for over 10 years now

There are traps, but if you know how to avoid them, you will be fine. I wrote a free PDF on Outsourcing which you can get here

Lead Calling Service - Yeah I kept the best until last 🙂

As much as I want you to become a client and enjoy a lot of benefit by using our service to make the first call to leads for you. There are some things I need to share with you.

This is so your expectations are realistic.

First, we provide the leads list which we use for calling. Some people want to use their own leads, which is fine, but over the years we have found their leads are never very good.

The leads we use are our Premium Leads from Apache Leads.

You can see what they are by following these links  Australian Premium Leads or US Premium Leads

Both types of leads are our highest quality leads. The Premium Leads have already completed a survey form. They are then interviewed by our professional calling agents.  

Now we are going to interview them again on your behalf. You got to admit, that’s a very qualified lead!

I doubt you could buy a better lead anywhere.

When we generate the lead for you, we will send you an email letting you know the lead is ready to be called by you. We also deliver the leads contact information into your members area.

We will give you a short add-on script to use at the front of your regular script. That add-on is what you say before your regular script. The point is it brings them right back to the phone call they had with us.

Put yourself in this position; you have received a fresh generated lead from us. You pick up the phone and dial the number.

When Johnny Lead answers, you could say

“Hi is this Johnny?”

“Yes it is”

“Hi Johnny  (Everyone loves to hear their name, so use it often and smile while you’re talking to him) You just had a call from my call agent.  Johnny you told my agent you were interested in earning more income.

The reason I had my agent call you is that my partners and I are looking to expand our business into your area.  We’re looking for a couple of sharp people to help us and we would share the profits with them.

Is that something you might be interested in learning more about?”

That’s a reasonable sort of script to use don’t you feel?

Would you have any trouble delivering that sort of script? It's best if you practiced it a few times and had it open next to where you make the calls.

Yes I agree with you, you wouldn't have any trouble at all and do you feel that it is a winning script strategy?

Me too!

It was a winning script for me and will be for you as well 

Your standard script is good at getting the people warmed up. Some don’t answer the phone but most are ok. I have some good potential signups now

Robbie Mindosa Texas, USA

Benefits of Our Lead Calling Service

​Yes, this is the part where I list the benefits. By now you might already want to get a campaign going.

Hold your horses there for just a little bit longer and then I’ll reveal

The Secret Offer!

The Big Benefits of Our Lead Calling Service For You

  • Pre-Called and Interviewed Leads: Well gosh. It’s obvious an interviewed lead is going to be hotter than mama’s pancakes on a Sunday morning.
  • No More Rejection:  Read that script I gave you above. Have you ever seen a sweeter, more exciting script! It’s warm and exciting!
  • No More Phone Fear: The leads are expecting your call. When you use your velvety tones to deliver this professional script there is nothing to fear. The ice gripping your heart will melt away faster than a politicians credibility.
  • No more Wasted Time: This is an important aspect of leads calling services. Trust me on this. The big dogs of MLM do not call leads. No siree Bob! They have people calling the leads and pre-warming them. This is exactly what our lead calling service is doing for you! You won't waste hours calling terrible, angry, abusive and not interested leads anymore! That’s got to be worth the ticket price by itself.
  • Guaranteed Leads - Each week we will generate the agreed number of leads for you. That’s like forced savings, it ensures we help you build your business week after week. By this time next year, you and I could be enjoying a beer together on a beautiful beach somewhere. You can pause and or cancel your subscription anytime in your members area.
  • Duplicatable - This is a system your downline can duplicate. They will enoy the same rocket powered growth as you! Invite them to come along to the beach and watch the sunset ….with a cold cocktail in hand of course
  • Predictability - Now you can have a predictable routine each week. You will know exactly when you will be calling your pre-called, warmed up leads. Life will be nice and peaceful like when you used to be able to snuggle in bed on a Sunday morning. Yeah I love Sundays.
  • Select How Many Leads Per Day - Actually we do all the lead calling in the evenings. In any case, you will be able to tell us how many leads you want each evening. Nice right?
  • Pause/Resume Anytime - Need to go on vacation to the beach? No problem, log into your members area and put your campaigns on pause. The billing will stop until you click Resume.
  • Cancel Anytime - Made enough money now and you want to go and live in your new beach house? Cool login and click cancel. That’s it, it’s cancelled.

I’m sure you see the benefits to get your business hooked up. Your business will be flying high like a rocket, taking you to your dream lifestyle

Imagine yourself and your loved ones, in a house you chose because you loved it, not because of price.

Wearing clothes you chose because you love them and look great in them.

 Driving the latest, optioned up German car of your dreams. ...Yes, there it is sitting in the driveway, gleaming in the last rays of the day as the sun sinks into the ocean.

Are you ready to see the Secret Offer I promised you? This offer is not shown to anyone other than those who have proved themselves to be the people we want to work with.

That’s you!

Grab your hat and let's go to the offer right now

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We Call Your Leads

Get Instant Access To The Secret Offer!

Take the first step in your journey towards becoming part of the 3% of successful Network Marketers.

Arrow - We Call Your Leads
We Call Your Leads

Get Instant Access To The Secret Offer!

Take the first step in your journey towards becoming part of the 3% of successful Network Marketers.