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No Rejection, No Phone Fear, No Wrong Numbers

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The First Call to a MLM Lead is the Hardest

Not only is it the hardest, it's the riskiest call and causes more people to quit their MLM Home Business than anything else.

When they join, they are excited and prepared to share the opportunity with the rest of the world.

Most people who sign up with an MLM business opportunity do not have experience making telephone calls for a living.

Good upline sponsors attempt to warn and protect their new team members by alerting them about their family and friends. Their friends and family are not going to be anywhere near as excited as they are.  By warning your new people it's sort of like providing armor to deaden the blow of rejection and hurt they are going to feel when they tell these folks about their brand-new strategy to get rich.

So why don't we give them the very same cautions and protection when they start calling MLM Leads?

"Great job on my first campaign, we had a good result. 6 leads have been presented to and already 1 has joined our company. We’re going to promote your service to our group."

Tom Longdon, Los Angeles, CA

When individuals make calls to leads, they screw it up. It's only natural and to be anticipated

The result is unavoidable. The leads can often be disrespectful, crude and very abrupt.

This causes your brand-new team member to suffer rejection and now they have actually developed fear of the phone.

No matter what you say to them now, they are not going to go through that ghastly experience again. The damage is done, it's all too late now.

Now you will notice they do not return your calls so quick, they go to less functions, they go off auto-ship and after that they vanish and disappear.

They quit business all because of the first call to mlm leads.

Don't subject yourself or your team members to this threat. Let our skilled, expert call representatives make the very first call to your mlm leads so you do not need to. We make the hard first call, you make the soft easy second call

After our callers have actually completed talking to a positive, interested lead we will email you or your team member the leads contact details immediately.

The prospect is going to be expecting your call, they will be willing to hear exactly what you are offering and more than likely will be interested enough to go through your presentation.

"I gotta say cold calling leads is scary. But calling warmed up interested leads is a breeze. Good job guys"

Matt McCarthy, Los Altos, CA

When we email you the interested leads, this is when the lead should be called. The interview they just had with us,  is fresh in their minds and they are expecting your call.

How does that sound? Much better I'm sure

This is a lot easier for your team members to deal with. No more rejection, no more rudeness, say goodbye to criticism and ego deflating comments. Nothing to frighten your team member into giving up the business.

Let's begin right now by picking which package suits you best from below

No Rejection, No Phone Fear, No Wrong Numbers.