Frequently Asked Questions

The sooner you order the sooner it will start is the simple answer. It does depend on how many other orders are in front of you.  Generally speaking, after the script is approved, the calling will start in less than 12 hours.

We will send you an email giving you a heads up that we are about to start.

We also send you emails letting you know when we finish calling for the day.  Sometimes we will need to continue calling the next day.  

When we have completed your campaign for the week, we also email you.

We will email you right after we finish the call with the lead. The email will include all the contact details of your new prospect.

You can also download the leads in your members account.

No, we provide the leads. They are premium quality leads who completed a survey requesting information about a home business.

If you prefer you can provide a lead list and we will call them for you. Just let us know and we will give you a price which reflects that you are providing the leads. Please note, when clients use their own leads and/or their own script we cannot guarantee results.

I’ve heard this question a few times which is why we have included it here. When we have drilled down with the client, we have found that it’s simply not a fully honest question.

When we sent you the real time leads, we had just gotten off the phone with them. They know you are going to call, so the idea is for you to call them immediately. That’s when they are there and ready to take a call.

Leads are people, not some number on a spreadsheet. It needs to be remembered they also have lives and responsibilities and things to do. They are not likely to be sitting there waiting for you to call.

If you get no response when you call, try again at a different time.

Make sure your phone number is being displayed to them.

Do NOT send them a text or an email telling them about your business and that you are going to call them.

Be flexible and patient, but best of all call them right away when we send them to you.

This is a thorny old question and one which sometimes offends people. There is no way to answer it except honestly and openly. The leads ARE interested in a home business. If you remember, we just called them and we recorded the call, so you can request the tapes and hear for yourself.

What the leads are saying to you is they are NOT interested in what YOU are saying. This happens because they do not want to offend or upset you. They are humans, like us all and none of us like to make other people upset. To avoid this, we often tell little white lies. It’s how we all get along in society.

To prevent this happening the best remedy is to learn how to call leads. There are a trillion books and articles available which you can learn from.

I know for a fact that this is the problem because this only happens to new people. Folks who have built a business and have experience calling leads never have this problem. Get some practice leads and call until you have spoken to 100 leads using a proven script. Then you will never have this problem again and you will have honed your script to be yours and know it by heart. Do not use a script you made up. Use one from a published book. Here’s a link to plenty of proven scripts

We don’t know anywhere near enough about your business to close sales.  Sure we can try if you want, but you’re paying us for time not sales, remember that.

Our service works best for those who allow us time to perfect the script.  That always takes more than one week. Bear that in mind.  

You may cancel anytime you like in writing.  There is also a cancel button in your members area.

Nobody built a business in one week, ever.  If you’re not prepared to invest in your business then you best keep your money and get a job.

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