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Why People Quit MLM and How to Prevent It

Why People Quit MLM and How to Prevent It

Why People Quit MLM: it’s true a lot of people quit MLM.  What’s sad is it is super easy to prevent.

Most people quit MLM because of bad, scary experiences calling mlm leads. They get rejection and develop fear of the phone.  It needs to be remembered, most people joining MLM have never been involved in making calls for a living.  Calling MLM Leads is no different from calling prospects in an everyday regular sales representative job.

Professionals know it’s a numbers game and that there will be plenty of “no’s” and rejection and some grumpy, even rude people.

Your MLM team mates don’t know any of this.  They have never had any of these experiences.  This is  Why People Quit MLM

You need to try and protect them.  You need to make it easier for them to call leads.

Remember: if they develop fear of the phone,  they are never going to make a prospecting call again. Their business will not grow and so they will quit. That’s how simple it happens.

You can make sure that your team members never have to experience fear of the phone.

The first call is the hardest. Let us do it for you. After our professional lead calling agents have called and interviewed the mlm leads we pass all the excited ones to you and your team instantly.

These leads have just gotten off the phone with us. They want you to call them.

Isn’t that a lot nicer than cold calling angry, oversold, over-called leads? sure it is and you know it. Contact us right away for a big change in your business

Why People Quit MLM and How to Prevent It

Don’t wait to find out Why People Quit MLM  be proactive and partner with us to grow your team bigger, faster and stronger than ever before.

Remember the main reason Why People Quit MLM  it’s because of that first call to leads.  Lets us make it for you and you do the easy second call.

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Close My MLM Leads

Close My MLM Leads

Close My MLM Leads

Lets examine why people are asking Close My MLM Leads.  This is a desperate cry for help from people new to MLM / Network Marketing.  Why on earth are they asking for someone to Close My MLM Leads?

OK here it is in black and white and super easy words:  New People are Afraid to Make Calls to MLM Leads!

Well duh!

Of course they are afraid.  Lets have a think about it.  They have never made sales calls or prospecting calls before.  Unless of course they were phone sales representatives or worked on a professional lead calling service. Most people have never had such experience.

At first it sounds easy because they are super excited about their new MLM business.  They just love the people in the business, love the products, love the comp plan and just know that everyone they call is going to be just as excited.

So they buy some mlm leads and pick up the phone.

BAM!  This is when they crash and burn very badly.  All of a sudden reality crushes their spirit and rejection burns their very soul  from hearing NO NO NO from every single lead they called.

No they have fear of the phone and will never call another lead.

In fact, they have already decided to quit the business.  You spent all this time sponsoring this person and now they are going to quit on you.  Yep, you just don’t know it yet.  On the outside, they are telling you it’s all going great.

Soon you will notice they don’t turn up for events anymore and now they don’t even order product anymore


This could all have been avoided and instead your guy could have had a good time calling leads.  If only they had had training, if only they had a good script, if only we had made the first call to the leads for them

They wouldn’t have had to sit at home, looking at the phone and silently begging “Close My MLM Leads”

OK before I go any further let me clarify something.  No service is going to close your leads.  They will CALL your leads and make the first “breaking the ice” to them which makes it all so much easier for you and your team to make the second call.

Any service who claims they will close mlm leads for you is a scam and out to steal your money.  Have a think about it: how do they know enough about your business to present the business, discuss the opportunity, explain the comp plan and demonstrate the products.

They don’t, they are scamming.  But, of course if you need to learn the hard way, go give them a try.

We Call Your Leads is a professional MLM Leads Calling Service.  We have helped thousands of Networkers get closer to their dreams and goals.

We even guarantee our results.

Make it easy on yourself and your team, don’t make them afraid of the phone and feel like failures.  Allow our professionals to call the leads for the first time and you guys can make the easy second call

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