About We Call Your Leads

Don Reid

Hi, it’s Don Reid, founder of Apache Leads, We Call Your Leads and author of Bing Ads Ninja, The Traffic Ninja, No Limits and numerous MLM training books

Large Call Centers are not interested in working with small business, especially Network Marketing or Home Business.

They are only interested in landing the “big fish” like airlines, banks, telecommunication companies, credit card companies, finance and insurance companies.

If you approach them about doing calls for you, the first thing they will ask you is how many seats you want.  This is industry jargon for how many agents you want making calls for you each shift.

If you were to say anything less than 10 per shift, they will end the call.

They have zero interest in small business.

We are different.

Our Goal is to help as many small business owners break out of the cycle which keeps them poor and struggling.   

We understand you do not have the need for 10+ calling agents.  

How do we know?

We know what you need because we are a small business which provides personalized service to our highly valued clients.  You won’t be lost in the shuffle with us.

How we started in this business is a natural progression.  We began back in 2003 as a leads business. Our leads site (Apache Leads) is a world leader in providing very high quality, phone interviewed leads to the Network Marketing industry.

To generate the phone interviewed leads, we needed a call center.  We could not find any that were interested in working with us. I even lived in the Philippines for a year trying to find a call center that was suitable.

I tested a few and they were absolutely terrible.  It was a horror story. Rather than bore you, trust me when I say, putting together our own call center was better

That’s when we realized other small business owners had the same challenge.  

We founded We Call Your Leads in 2014  

It’s designed for small business to leverage the power of a professional lead calling service.

We tend to mostly service network marketers, although if you are from a different industry, say a plumber, electrician, insurance broker, entrepreneur, that’s all good.  

We have a solution for custom campaigns which you can learn about here

We are more than happy to discuss any size campaign for any legal industry.

If you believe personalized service form a boutique sized call center who strive to provide satisfaction, then please do contact us