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If you are a network marketer and you struggle with making the first call to prospects and tired of rejection, you’ve come to the right place.

Once You Discover Our Professional MLM Lead Calling Service, And Our Proven Phone Script, You Will Find That Building Your Business Is Not So Hard And Sooner Than You Thought, You Will Be Living Your Goals And Dreams

Read This Important Information
Before Proceeding With Our Professional Leads Calling Service

  • Tired of spending hours calling leads?
  • Sick of all the excuses your prospect tell you as they wimp out?
  • Feeling down because of all the rejection and hearing “no” all day every day?
  • Wish there was a better way?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you might be in the right place.  Our professional, trained call agents will make the hardest call to the leads for you.  

If you are new to home business or even if you have been in the game for quite awhile, you’ll know the hardest call is the very first call to a prospect.  

We will make it for you.  Does that sound good? If it does then read on….

Some visitors to the site get very excited and begin to fantasize about exactly what we do.  That’s not good. Before you hit the order button for a lead calling campaign, allow me to make it perfectly clear what our service is and what it is not.

We work with professional hardworking Networkers, not those wanting some sort of magical overnight miracle.  You still need to work and present professionally. If that’s you, then please read on...

what our service is:

We will provide fresh, Premium Leads supplied by our sister site Apache Leads. We will provide either US or Australian leads depending on your choice. You can learn more about these leads by clicking one of these links Australian Premium Leads or U.S. Premium Leads

The leads we provide for our clients lead calling campaigns are simply the highest quality MLM leads available on this and probably many other planets.

We will call them and we will use either our standard script or your very own custom script. The choice is yours. The standard script is what we use for the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages. To have us call a custom script you will need to order a Ruby, Emerald or Diamond campaign. Don’t worry about that yet, we will get to the different packages soon.

Still sound OK?

We are not offering you a service where we explain your business and recruit them for you.  That is unrealistic and simply not what we offer. You still need to pick up the phone and recruit them yourself.

There are no deviations from this, we do not recruit them for you.  I know, I’ve had every possible question on this subject over the last 4 years that we have been providing this service.  

We only want to deal with professional home business owners who understand the process of recruiting.  It never works by calling someone up and telling them how wonderful your product is because it cured your aunt's friend of every known disease or that the comp plan is so good you’re all going to be millionaires in a month.  

If that’s how you think people are recruited, we are not a good fit for you.  Sorry about that, maybe we can help when you have a few hundred calls to leads under your belt and you’ve learnt a thing or two about Network Marketing.

We love working with professionals who know that getting us to do the first call saves them a ton of time, reduces their stress and definitely minimizes phone fear.

Please do not read into our service more than what it is.  It’s a call to leads to find the ones who want to hear more right now.  Nothing more than that.

OK? Are we agreed? 

Cool you’re still here which means you’re probably a good fit to work with us.

Let’s recap the benefits of our service and also let you in on some pretty awesome free bonuses our members enjoy.

No Phone Fear - I used to suffer greatly from phone fear.  It would take me hours to actually pick up the phone and make calls.  I would procrastinate and make up all sorts of excuses why I couldn’t make the calls right now.  Fear of the phone is caused by lack of confidence and getting a bunch of NO’s from the leads. It can be cured, fairly easily and I’ll cover that more soon.  But, as you can imagine, having our professional calling agents make the first call and break the ice relieves a lot of the stress. The lead has already said they want you to call them!

Time Saving - If you have called leads then you know it can be extremely time consuming.  Dialing, saying your script, getting told no all takes hours and hours. The big dog Networkers don’t do that.  Here’s their secret, they have other people make the call and qualify the lead before they even bother talking to the prospect.  So instead of making 50 calls they make one or two. Doesn’t that sound smart to you?

Efficient and Higher Productivity - While we are making calls for you, you can be doing much more productive things to build your business.  You could be cultivating customers, selling products, counselling downline, learning from your upline, studying, following up on hot prospects. I bet this is sounding like how a smart person runs a business, right?

Inexpensive - If you’re a professional and use our service you will find it returns you a far greater return in both profit and time than pretty much anything else you could be doing.  It’s really not a question of if you can afford it, it’s more of a question of can you afford NOT to be using our service.

97% of Networkers Fail - Sorry to be negative but it’s a true fact. 97% of people in MLM fail. The whole thing ends up costing them money, time and regret. It’s absolutely the saddest thing and so completely avoidable.

Don’t Be A Failure Statistic!

Here’s how to avoid being a failure:

Not many people new to MLM have much, if any business experience.  They make a few mistakes. One is they have little or no patience. Building a business takes time.  Apple were not an overnight success. Warren Buffet did not become a billionaire in one month. It takes time and if you are not willing to put the time in, then honestly, we are not a good fit for you.

The other big mistake is new people choose to believe they do not need training.  Yeah? Really? Everything you have done and know has got you to this point. Are you happy with where you are at right now?  If so then why are you reading this page? This site is for people willing to learn, willing to put in the time and effort to grow a Network Marketing business.

It’s not for anyone looking for some get rich quick miracle.

Which one are you, the person who is buying lottery tickets and wishing you’ll win a million dollars this Saturday or the one who is willing to put in the sweat and invest in your business?













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Free Bonus Training For Members

There is tons of training available by others and myself and importantly, someone in your upline. 

Get trained, get positive, get working and stop wishing. Make your dreams come true!

When you become and just as importantly, stay a member of We Call Your Leads we are going to reward you each week with new and valuable training for free. It’s provided as part of your membership.

Training is invaluable, we will provide you with the tools to never fail at Networking. We are your safety net.

Take a look at the bonus training you will receive as a member of We Call Your Leads

Winning  By Overcoming Objections and Winning MLM Phone Scripts

week 1

winning by overcoming objections and winning mLM phone scripts

Price $27.00 FREE

Most people see an objection as a personal criticism or even an attack. Of course, no one enjoys being attacked or criticized.

How to Overcome Phone Fear

week 2

How To Overcome Phone Fear

Price $14.99 FREE

Well there are a number of steps which we will cover. The good news is that in Network Marketing it’s easier to overcome phone…

73 Must Have Resources Book

week 3

The 73 Must Have Resources

Price 24.00 FREE

This book is a list of truly helpful resources, many of which you will most likely be able to use right away.

YouTube Ranking Cheatsheet

week 4

the ultimate youtube ranking cheatsheet

Price $24.00 FREE

Most people see an objection as a personal criticism or even an attack. Of course, no one enjoys being attacked or criticized.


week 5

no limits volume 1 unlimited prospects

Price $99.00 FREE

​No more need to rely on leads companies, you will be self sufficient, with a never ending supply of eager, qualified prospects.


week 6

no limits volume 2
amazing inviter

Price $99.00 FREE

​Never, ever be limited by fear of inviting prospects ever again. Those days are gone. Never be limited again. Volume Two is going to teach you in easy steps how to be the most amazing inviter.


week 7

no limits volume 3
awesome recruiter

Price $99.00 FREE

Now you’ve learnt how to attract unlimited prospects and to professionally (and easily) invite them to your presentations, you’re ready to become an Awesome Recruiter!


week 8

no limits volume 4
super team leader

Price $99.00 FREE

Now that you have the knowledge, the skills and the no limits confidence, it’s time for you to become a Super Team Builder!

The Traffic Ninja

week 9

the traffic ninja guide

Price $27.00 FREE

Finally, An Easy to Read, Easy to Understand Step by Step Road map to Driving Hordes of Hungry, Excited Buying Traffic to Your Website, Your Forum, Your Instagram, Your Anything.

Bing Ads NInja

week 10

bing ads ninja guide

Price $17.00 FREE

Step-by-Step Guide Reveals How to Set Up Bing Ads Campaigns the Right Way, to Better Prepare You to Achieve a Profitable Return on Investment.