Real Time Lead Delivery

We Call Your Leads

Finally, A Professional Call Center Designed to Service Small Business. Leave the Lead Generation to Us. You Can Focus On Building Your Business.

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Large Call Centers are not interested in working with small business, especially Network Marketing, Home Business or Trades people.

They have zero interest in small business.

We are different.

Our Goal is to specialize in helping small business owners. We provide bite size campaigns which will help you grow at a manageable pace.

Set Campaigns Service Discontinued

We have recently changed the services we provide.  We used to provide lead generation via small campaigns primarily for Network Marketers.  These services were very successful.

However, our sister site, Apache Leads recently introduced Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads for both the USA and Australia.  It’s still our call center providing the lead calling service.

By providing the service through Apache Leads we have been able to deliver the service at a lower price point and to a broader audience.

To get more information about the Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads, select the appropriate link below

Custom Campaigns

Yes we still provide custom campaigns for those clients seeking tailor made lead calling campaigns.  Custom campaigns are ideal for any business that wants more clients.

Isn’t that every business?

Yes it is and you’re in a business, right?

We will help you develop a script and test it until it’s the very best it can be.   Heck, we will even provide the leads list if you do not have one of your own. If you do have your own leads list, that’s fine, we can use it to make your calls.

Our Call Center is staffed by professionally trained and very experienced Call Agents.  

All calls are recorded for quality assurance and you may request copies at any time.

All leads we generate for you will be delivered into your account and via email right after we get off the phone with them.

The Call Center is equipped with high tech, state of the art telecommunications system and can call any country at any time.  We operate 24/7

Here are some of the features and benefits

Solid Predictable Costing Each Week. No Hidden Fees

Let Us Do The Dialing For Dollars And Save You Hundreds Of Wasted Hours With Hangups, Wrong Numbers And Negative and Abusive Responses

  • Modify Your Script At Any Time, Even Do A/B Testing For Optimum Results
  • Modify Your Script At Any Time, Even Do A/B Testing For Optimum Results
  • Exclusive Leads - Only You Get These Leads We Generate
  • The Leads Are Expecting Your Followup

Real Time Lead Delivery

As soon as we generate a lead for you, we send it to your members area. You will also receive an email alert so you can make the follow up call right away.


We make calls in the late afternoon and evening in your time zone. So you can do the follow up right there and then without the distractions you face during the day.

We Supply The Leads Calling List

Because we are also a leads company, we save you the hassle of sourcing the list for us to call. We will use our own source to call. It’s all included in the campaign prices!

Pause / Resume / Cancel

We understand that unexpected stuff comes up in your life. John Lennon said “life is what happens when you’re making other plans” Your members area has the ability to pause and resume campaigns. You can also press a button and cancel at anytime.

Select How Many Leads

All campaigns allow for you to select how many leads you want us to generate for you each day.  Great flexibility so you can tailor the campaign to fit your life

All Calls Recorded

We record every call we make to leads. You can be assured every lead we send you confirmed they are wanting to hear about a business opportunity. If you ever have any doubts, let us know and we will send you the recording as proof.

Some People are Not a Good Fit

Ok, this is a delicate subject, but worth addressing as it can save us being engaged by a client who is not a good fit.  When this situation arises, it only leads to client disappointment.

We really try very hard to support and satisfy our clients but it’s only a narrow band of business builders who are a good fit with us.

If you fall into any of the areas below, we’re not a good fit and you would be better served at Apache Leads

I want you to sign up people for my business

Sorry we do not know anywhere near enough to recruit people into your business.  Prospects join businesses with the people they trust and like. That’s your role in recruiting.  Ours is to warm up the prospect and have them expect a call from you.

I just want to sample your service

That really is the wrong angle to be coming from.  We have been in this business since 2014. Have a little trust that we know what we are doing and do what we say we will.  

Your business needs a goal.  To achieve it, you need to be contacting prospects every day and converting them to customers or members of your business.  Trying this and trying that does not force consistency or commitment.

To grow a business you need to be committed.

I’m not very experienced at making calls to prospects

May we suggest you go to Apache Leads and invest in some leads.  That way you can get the experience you need.

I don’t use a script when I call leads, I wing it

That’s not professional and not effective.  Use of a script is the only way you can measure the conversion rate consistently.  We can provide you with a winning script. If you are in Network Marketing, you should ask your upline for a copy of the script they use.  

I’ve had years of sales experience, I know what I’m doing

Yes plenty of us have had years of sales experience.  That’s great if you are selling a product or a trade service or a finance package.  It doesn't work with network marketing. Please ask your upline for a proven script and stick to it.

If your service is no good I’m going to get a chargeback or a refund

Please don’t use our service.  This is the wrong attitude.

We provide exactly what we offer on this site.  We generate leads who confirm they are interested in learning more about a business opportunity.  We have the recordings of the call with them.

How you handle the lead is not under our control.  Do not blame your shortcomings on other people or our service.  

Blaming the leads is like a bad pool player blaming the balls.

Please close this page and find another source of leads

More Questions?

It’s understandable you may have other questions.  That’s natural.

We have a very comprehensive Questions and Answers page where I even have some video answers for you, plus a bunch of other questions and answers.

Please come to the FAQ and remove all doubts and questions so you can make an informed decision about our service and even about us.