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No More Phone Fear, No More Rejection

We Congratulate You Because Building a MLM Home Business Is A Truly Great Thing To Do For Your Family and Your Country 

Spaces are limited for our lead calling service. 

If you want us to make the first call to your leads for you, then you need to take action now.  

We've helped thousands of Network Marketers get to their goals and dreams.  You're definitely in the right place, at the right time.  

YES! It can all be a bit confusing and stressful to begin with

I know because I already built two MLM businesses.  The second one was easier; I was the fastest ever to reach the diamond level with that company (Life Force).

That’s not to be all braggy, I’m telling you so you know it can be done and I’ll show you how you can do it as well.

Helping you get to the top and earning the big money is my goal.  Like your own upline I also have a vested interest in helping you reach your goals and dreams.  Look at it this way; if you become a success using my services, then there is no doubt you will encourage your own group to use my services also...right?

Yes I’m sure it is and it’s been proven over and over by many successful home business builders who have come before you. 

Now that we are on the same team let’s get into how having us make the first call for you is the best and easiest way for you to move forward.













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No Rejection, No Phone Fear, No Wrong Numbers

We Supply The Leads We Call

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leads know
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When our professional lead calling team calls leads for you,
there are a bunch of benefits to you:

1.  In the prospects mind it makes you sound very important and gives you lots of cred and authority. This makes it so much easier for you when you call them because they will be giving you more attention and lots of weight to your words.

2.  Our professional callers “break the ice” and confirm the prospect is ready and willing to take your call and hear what you have to say.  This is much better for you than calling the lead out of the blue.  When we have pre-called them for you, they are expecting your call and are hoping it’s going to be something which changes their life.

3.  Having our professional callers make the first call gives you a ton more time to work on your business doing productive things like follow ups, team training, motivational meetings, product sales.  You get to turn the boring, soul destroying lead calling chore into exciting, productive business building time.

4.  No more Phone Fear and Rejection - these are the two biggest killers of MLM businesses.  More people quit because of bad experiences calling prospects than anything else.  Don't become yet another statistic.  Don’t put yourself through this trauma.  It’s all so avoidable.  Enjoy building your business, let us make the hardest call for you.

5.  The lead calling campaigns are designed to be repeated.  Repeating the winning moves is the key to success in any business.  Repetition makes for rapid growth and consistency which then leads to momentum.  That’s when you’re really going to see amazing growth

6. Easy to duplicate - yes, MLM is built on duplication and nothing could be easier to duplicate than using our lead calling service.  When your group sees the success you enjoy with our service, they will want to jump on the train and then so will their group and their group and their group...

So many benefits and great reasons, the biggest (I think) is no more rejection and phone hear.

Here is the simple "4 Steps to Success" plan for building your MLM business using our guaranteed lead calling service

Step 1 - Order Your Lead Calling Campaign 

Step 2 - Immediately call the leads we generate for you.  Build a relationship

Step 3 - Present your business, follow up and recruit

Step 4 - Repeat and teach your downline to duplicate

Nobody should have to experience the soul wrenching pain of failure, especially when it can be avoided by using proven professional tools and services.  

Since 1992 I’ve been involved with the Network Marketing industry.  I’ve personally help thousands of Networkers achieve their dreams and goals.  I’ve walked the walk.  We know what it takes and we are here to help you carry that load.

Take the opportunity to go on to the success you deserve by clicking the green button below and getting started now

Watch This Short Video Explaining We Call Your Leads

Benefits to You of Professional Lead Calling

  • Works with any business and any script
  • We include the original leads list (or you can, optional)
  • We can call for Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand
  • We provide premium quality leads (Australia & USA Only)
  • Full contact information for each lead is included for you
  • We send you a full report of the calling and results
  • We send you the original leads list for you to keep
  • We email you the interested leads as soon as we finish the call with them (real-time)
  • Professional dedicated call center, this is all we do
  • Thousands of hours of calling experiences
  • Every call is recorded and available on request
  • No more stress and phone fear, only speak with interested leads
  • No more wasted time dialing unresponsive leads for days and weeks
  • No more emotional roller coaster, start to enjoy building your business
  • Better leads, means more conversions and more money for you
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"I gotta say cold calling leads is scary sh*t. But calling warmed up interested leads is a breeze. Good job guys"

Matt McCarthy, Los Altos, California

Welcome to We Call Your Leads

This is a professionally run service. We do all that we promise. We choose to only work with serious business builders.  Serious Business Builders know that growing a successful business takes consistent long term effort.

Our service is based on you and us working together as a team to make sure you hit your goals.  That is why we only offer our services on a recurring payment basis. We understand some people are afraid to commit and that’s OK, they are not suited to working with us and are likely going to have a hard time growing any business.

Each campaign we will provide a minimum guaranteed number of confirmed interested leads to you.

We Call Your Leads Helping Many Different Companies